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If you’re a restoration company, you need to know how to write engaging content that you can convert to leads from your restoration website copy. Services like water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold removal will always be needed wherever your business operates. But knowing how to reach out to your target audience through online media is a great way to increase the amount of leads you’re getting and grow the reputation of your company through your restoration website copy.

Writing Online Copy that Converts to Leads

The key to getting more conversions through online copy on your restoration website is making sure you really know what kind of message you’re trying to convey and who that message is for. People looking for restoration services want to know that the service they’re getting will be professional and reliable. So you have to play up a really strong image of your restoration company. Restoration Marketing has helped many restoration companies improve their restoration website copy by using the following tactics:

1. Know Your Target Audience

It’s important to make sure your copy resonates with your target audience. Different areas will be more susceptible to certain kinds of damage. If your company operates in an area with a high annual rainfall, you’ll have a lot more water damage restoration jobs, ect. Your restoration website copy should be targeted and empathetic to the people of the area you operate in. Let them know you understand what they’re going through and what specific challenges they face.

2. Make Your Content Stand Out

You can make your content stand out to a local market by using keywords that are proven to be used in searches for the services you offer through the Google algorithm. You have to do the research into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to see what potential clients in your area are searching for. You can also make your content stand out in your restoration website copy by creating strong headlines. Restoration Marketing can give counseling on how to find what keywords you need to put in your content.

3. Let Clients Know Why They Should Choose Your Company

In your restoration website copy you need to make sure it’s clear what your company is and what specific services you provide. Make sure to highlight any special services your company does, like working with insurance, that would make it more appealing to someone looking for restoration services. Focus on emphasizing your accreditations so any potential leads know that you’re a company they can trust to get the job done right.

4. Give a Call to Action

Potential leads reading through your restoration website copy should know exactly what they need to do to get service just by navigating your website. In emergency situations, clients may want or need assistance as soon as possible so setting up clear instructions for the actions they need to take will help smoothen the process and make sure they use your service.


Trust Restoration Marketing for your Restoration Website Copy

All of this information can be pretty overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. Restoration Marketing has helped countless restoration companies improve their restoration website copy and exponentially increase their amount of booked jobs. Our method is proven to be effective in improving the online presence of restoration companies and helping them rank higher on Google searches. Book a strategy call with us at (314) 582-5210.

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