Restoration Company GMB Listing

Our How-To Guide – Manage Your Restoration Company’s GMB Listing And Reviews

When clients search Google for your products or services, one of the first things they will see is your restoration company’s Google My Business (GMB) listing. This is a great tool to quickly convey important contact information to your customers.


It can also be used to increase your sales and help you learn more about your clients. These 4 steps will help you do all of this just by better utilizing your GMB listing:

1. Claim your free Google My Business account

This one seems kind of obvious, but navigating the whole process can be understandably confusing. For a step by step process, just visit

2. Add as much information as possible for your business

In addition to your restoration company’s name, phone number, and address, you should try to add as much information as possible. This includes your website, hours of operation, a description, logo, photos, attributes, business category, attributes, etc.

3. Manage your reviews

Google reviews help give your business credibility. Ask your clients for reviews through follow up emails or on social media after they use your services. You can even incentivize for reviews by offering a deal to anyone who leaves a review. On the flip side of this, make sure to monitor your Google reviews regularly so that you can respond to clients and manage negative comments.

4. Be consistent

​Ensure that any directories you are listed in have the same contact information that is on your GMB listing. Having mismatched contact information can confuse Google and make it harder for clients to know how to contact you.

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